The Artist


My grandmother was my first art teacher. We made a very special red duck. Construction paper, scissors, paste, and a number 2 pencil! I was sold! That red duck led me to a lifetime of studying and making art, from elementary school to the High School of Music & Art and to Bennington College. I started attending art school on Saturdays when I was in middle school. Eventually, I saw and looked at the world differently because of Monet, Degas, Turner, Mark Rothko, Nicholas DeStael, Helen Frankenthaler, Zaha Hadid, R.M. Stern, Le Corbusier, Albers, Jules Olitski, Hans Hoffman, Van Gogh, Rodin, and too many others to name.

It was my grandfather, a Master Carpenter, who built the foundation for my

passion and obsession with residential architecture.

But it all boils down to a fascination with color and what it evokes in people. Color is my subject, especially in mediums not traditionally associated with abstract painting. ​

If Rothko and Monet had a child it would be my work with Olitski and DeStael as Godparents! That's what I strive for, to create work that moves people through the interaction of color,  shape, and space.

Painting, drawing, designing - the only things that completely absorb me.