Dinner With Trixie...​the South settles an old score with the North,


Janis A. Pryor

page 103

          "Oh stop it," Trixie said. "We're all damned guilty! The difference is we know our sins. The Grants had to face the ugliness and the conflict and the flat out evil that slavery was, regardless, and try to atone for it all. We will continue to atone for generations! This southern family knows what it did. For our purposes, I don't give a damn about what happened to African people in Africa. Right here, right now, we're dealing with our sins that occurred in this country." Trixie threw down a teaspoon she was using with her tea. Tom flinched, and Peter folded his arms across his chest watching the Capwells just as Frank was."

White Roses...a memoir

a love story before & after death


Janis A. Pryor

page 99

“I was fine until the casket was rolled in. … I thought my brain would explode. I closed my eyes to hold back the tears and stop myself from letting out a shattering, impolite, non-Episcopalian scream. I heard the priest say, ‘Tony, you left us too soon.’ I didn’t know what to do except be thankful he’d been in my life at all.” 

page 139

 “… ‘I need to know what is happening. No. I need to know if there’s anybody else out there who understands the scope of this, who can help me verify this in some way.’


Tony’s driving this, you know.’ Galen had managed to pick up the slice of babka, break off a piece and place it with great care in her mouth.


I nodded my head and watched a smile spread across her face as she chewed the babka. I was fascinated by her and sensed this was the first time she had ever chewed anything! Any moment Tony might show up. At least I really thought that, and actually looked over to the Eames chair.


‘Of course, and there is information on the afterlife, on physical mediumship, on all of it. You also need a community of people like yourself, like your real self. It’s time.’” 

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